horseradish armadillo  aspirin armadillo   red onion armadillo

brass leaf-form earring with ammonia copper leaf with Miracle Gro copper leaf-form earring with heat & ammonia brass leaf-from earring with aspirin copper leaf-form earring with red onion brass leaf-form earring with soy sauce

7 brass form neckpiece  leaf-form collar with patinas  7 leaf-form neckpiece

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For similar pieces in sterling silver and 18K see leaf-form collection.

The patina project explores ways of getting colour on copper and brass by using eco-friendly substances from the kitchen, backyard and grocery store. These pieces have been exposed to substances such as soy sauce, red onion, and horseradish to develop unique patinas. Patinas are somewhat unpredictable, so two pieces treated with the same patina will often differ from each other. When the desired colour is obtained, the finished object is lacquered to maintain the patina, and the used patina is safely disposed of in the compost pile.