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I am a metalsmith/jeweller working with copper, silver, gold, pearls and natural gemstones. My original designs are forged (hammered), fabricated or cast using the lost-wax process. My experience as a printmaker and ecologist influences my designs which often incorporate a variety of textures and references to natural objects. I enjoy experimenting with different ways to colour copper and brass using substances from the kitchen, grocery store and backyard. I teach Jewellery Techniques I & II at Vancouver Community College and run summer workshops on patinas at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill on Cape Cod.

I design and make all of the jewellery at Blue Box Design and delight in taking a piece of metal and transforming it into something new whether it is my own design or a commission that emerges through collaboration with a client. I work under close canine supervision in Vancouver BC.

Sarah Groves